They say a blog has to have a niche. I’d like to challenge that and say that likeminded people will often like what other likeminded people have to share.

However, whether you like photography, writing, Orlando, travel, cycling, reading, coffee, all of the above, or none of that… we still might have something in common. And I think that’s where it gets hard to explain. Paulo Coelho would call it the language of the world – a language without words or pictures – and perhaps we all do have an innate love for and ability to connect with each other’s stories, adventure, and critical thinking.

This is just a rambling start to something I’m ultimately quite excited about. I’ve always made up excuses not to blog such as not knowing which narrow topic to write about or not having a good enough platform… But the rules are there to be challenged (and cliches are cliche for a reason).

So here it goes.

I hope you’ll join me.